US LP: Epic, NFE 37314
Released 1st May 1981

A1. They All Run After the Carving Knife 4.55*
A2. Areas 4.10
A3. Churches 4.53
A4. Sanctuary 4.12
A5. Science 3.19
A6. Division 4.20
B7. Luxury 3.48
B8. Straight Lines 5.12
B9. This World of Water 3.37
B10. Dead Fish (Don't Swim Home) 5.24
B11. While You Wait 5.05
B12. Back To Room One 4.15

This was a US compilation of tracks from the first two albums, there was no new material featured. It has never been released on CD.

*Thanks to Tony S from Washington who points out that the opening 57 second "intro" to 'They All Run After the Carving Knife' was removed from this compilation, with the track opening with that classic guitar strum.