Wow. We've come to the final NM track review already. 52 tracks, one review per week, hence it's taken one year exactly to sum up the band's entire output.

This remixed track came as the B-side to the "Warp" 7" single, the final NM single to be released, in June 1982. So what is this 'remix', and how does it differ from the album version?

It starts off sounding exactly the same. Indeed, it's not until you get to the 2.24 mark that I can notice any difference. At this point is a mid-way instrumental break, stretching out the track, though still sounding not a lot different. Another break at 3.55 sees a stripping back of the sound and a display of synth drums. Thereafter it's all familiar up until the 4:53 mark, when what sounds like the final moment has arrived actually turns out to be a prolonged and gentle 'outro'. And it's a nice way to end: the sloshing water turns into running water, set to a nice synth backdrop. In isolation it's quite evocative, conjuring images of a stream on a summers day. It's simple snippets like this which Tony does so well, and whilst not the best realised of Tony's dreamy soundscapes, it ain't bad either.

Unfortunately, the audio quality is once again sub-standard on the CD version. It's quite noticeable when compared against the album version. But let's at least be thankful this was the lads' own remix, and not some third-party 'DJ remix' as would no doubt have been the case in later years.

It could be said that the addition of two new breaks doesn't actually add much new or worthwhile. And adding on another two minutes to the standard track risks jepordising the 'leave 'em wanting more' factor.

But the outro has to bump up the score a touch for me. So it's getting a respectable...


That's all, folks!

(Richard M)

So we come to the end of our year-long journey through NM's entire output.


Though, as I said in the previous review, I always regard 'Twelfth House' as NM's definitive "parting shot" (a personal view rather than a chronologically accurate one), it is perhaps appropriate that we end with this track, being the B side of the very last vinyl NM release (B side to 'Warp' 7") released on 18 June 1982. Also, of course, as it's the opening track to 'Warp' too, it "bookends" the CD to a certain extent.

As my review of the album version stated, I always liked this track and the remix here is actually more like an extended version, being basically the original track with some lengthened sections bolted on to extend the time by a couple of minutes. Sound quality is, as we have come to expect of the 'Warp' bonus tracks, nothing to write home about but the detour at the 2 and a half minute mark is worth listening to. The sploshing water as always is a talking point, and the electro-percussion goes on overdrive in this remix, but perhaps the most noteworthy aspect is the closing section where sploshing becomes a flood, accompanied by synth arpeggiations which have clearly been bolted on to give the piece some sort of conclusion. And they work pretty well. However, they are no substitute for the excellent segue into 'Going Round Again'.

Well, I've certainly enjoyed the last 12 months. I suppose the only question is "what do we do now"? ;-)

(Graham G)