People drift in from the distance
People arrive and depart
Fall into an area

People appear from the twilight
See them come in from the cold
Come into an area
Come into an area

Approaching me approaching you
Countless areas you've been approaching too
Here they come there they go
From above from below
There's a chance we may meet
Somewhere sometime

People are moving to music
Dance then the music will fade
Fade into an area

People drift in from the distance
People arrive and depart
Fall into an area
Fall into an area

Into an area

An area



Whoever came up with the play listing on Anywhere got it spot on. "Areas" is just THE perfect second track, continuing to set the desired atmosphere of the album and maintain the listener's interest.

Actually though, it's more...

Starting off in true Mansfield fashion with its classically brilliant one minute-plus intro rich in Roland CR78, this is a beautiful, melodic, atmospheric masterpiece.

There's just something about the structure and the way this track builds, both musikally and lyrically (see the lyrics written down to fully appreciate what I mean), continuing through its choruses before falling away back again at the end. It reaches its pinnacle at the 2:23 mark, when everything is right there in full flow. It's nothing short of brilliant. In fact, it's probably the best track on the album, and for certain is one of the band's finest tracks. It's in a similar vein to "A Map Of You" in the atmosphere stakes - a true gem.

The lyrics and Tony's vocal performance (with its pre-echo effect) are simply perfect. The lyrical theme is similar to that of "On Islands", describing mankind's susceptibility to alienation in society. Very poetic yet succinct.

Sonically, this is very advanced for its time. There's the openness again to the sound. We get to hear the wonderful CR78 in its glory throughout - those 'grasshoppers' sing beautifully (Guiro, I believe it is called). I always love the sounds of this distinctive machine, but Tony got that bit more from it than anyone else I've heard. (What would you have expected?)

All the ingredients are just so right - sounds and melodies complimenting other sounds and melodies. The electronic percussion is wonderful, as the lads experimented in newer sounds here. It sounds a little "Autobahn"-inspired, dare I say? And worthy of mention too is the bass, which is quite astonishing in that it will find out any weakness on any speakers you care to play it on, creating annoying distortion. It's a track which demands hi-fi reproduction, and richly deserves it.


THE best NM track??

(Richard M)

This track creates a beautiful atmosphere, but so do 2 or 3 on this album.

Like I said before, the tracks on this album alternate between 'pop' and 'atmosphere' and I agree that this is the ideal number 2 track. Great use of the compurhythm drum machine and reverse reverb effect. Someone called Licio did 2 remixes of this track, anyone heard them?

(Rich E)

After the energy of the opener, it's perhaps predictable to find a more relaxed track next. I mentioned repetition as an album feature on track 1, here we find two more trademarks used significantly - the Roland CR78 drum machine and reverse echo.

The track waltzes straight into a percussive lilt picked out by the Roland, backed superbly by synth detail which really sets the mood perfectly. Then Tony's vocals take centre stage, bristling with reverse echo they've seldom sounded better. The synths play a subtle yet pivotal role, those held pads are totally delicious. What's great about 'Areas', indeed the bulk of this album, is the infectious nature of the tracks. I fell in love with this track the first time I heard it, and never tire of listening to it now. The chorus is sublimely pitched, the way the track sets mood and builds carefully is superb. 4 minutes literally fly by.

Much-used phrase time. "This is classic NM". Or perhaps it sound be 'This is classic TM"? The mood, the production, the approach, it all screams Tony Mansfield.

This album just gets better, and better, and better...

(Graham G)