Didn't catch this first time around, hence first heard it when I received the Warp CD.

Production-wise it's more in the style of the single version (no surprise as it was released at the same time) hence again I do prefer it to the album version, with one notable exception - the wonderful opening to the album version is completely absent. Which is surprising. The opening obviously did exist in some form at this stage, 6 months before the album was released, because there's a very short version of it at the start of the single version. When I first saw the 12" version listed on the CD, I assumed this is where they got the intro for the album version, and I was hoping for a full-on extended opening even longer then the album. Instead, there was zip.


One obvious feature from the album version are the quirky digital stabs that were absent from the single version. I think they add nothing to be honest, but they aren't irksome. The ending is slightly different too, a brief held synth pad to fade, and it sounds a little rushed to me - as if they couldn't work out how to end it.

On the plus side the sound quality fairs better than the single version on the CD, but it would be difficult not to. And it's certainly not up to the full quality we should expect.

Overall this track does nothing to diminish the enigma that the 'Planet' track is. A great track initially in 7" single guise, released on the CD with a wonderful extended intro but an inferior mix (IMHO), then finally resurrected as bonus tracks but spoilt by very poor sound quality.

But hey, it's still NM, hence still top notch!

Only 3 more tracks to go folks! And one of 'em I'm on record as saying is my favourite of all! ;-)

(Graham G)

"Oh my - we have three versions of this tune on the CD!", was perhaps my first thought when I got hold of the Japan disc. But is it possible to actually have too much NM? No, it isn't, and this one is also quite 'special' in that it is one of only two 12" versions the band ever did.

This sounds quite a bit different from both the album and single versions, and, once again, the CD audio isn't great although it had to be better than the single version.

In keeping with the 12" format this is a more danceable and maybe more bassy mix, in perhaps a club friendly way, compared to the more stripped down album version. It seems to play faster too. Tony's vocal effects are subtly different - the echo effects for instance.

I'm not too sure about the embellishments, however, such as those repeated 'plinky' effects at the start. I don't think they do much to 'spice up' the song...

No, I'm sorry but I'd rather have the old NM. Wonderful intros (an instrumental and a song both in the same track - remember Anywhere?); wonderful melodies and hooks... Just perfect songs with lots of atmosphere.

Sorry to digress...


(Richard M)