"Chik Musik"

A couple of upbeat little instrumental numbers here for your enjoyment. The first is a funky Chic sound-alike / homage / call it what you will jam tune, which builds nicely to a wonderfully full sound from its fade in intro. It's very catchy, with nice repetition. Get dancing! It sounds like it could be one of the band's earlier tracks?

Nothing to dislike here. Too short if any criticism though: I am left wanting more.

"Magazine Musik"

As a (shortened) instrumental version of my favourite B-Side, "She's A Magazine", how could I not like this? With its pace and energy, and the addition of that distinctive 'nagging' synth drone, it seeks to remind you just what a superb track last-but-one's "She's A Magazine" was. Again, very short, yet it manages both a fade in and a fade out. Quite possibly the sweetest one minute track ever. This pair of tunes bring the memories back every time I hear them.

It would have been all too easy to right off these two short instrumental tracks as 'filler', added to make up the numbers. They are both of such high quality that any such thought would most certainly be wrong. Indeed, they are a pair of gems. How many other bands would have resisted the temptation to milk these little beauties for all they're worth to the point of tedium?


(Richard M)

Indeed, 2 great little nuggets and along with She's a Magazine, probably my most favourite 7'' b-side ever.

(Rich E)

How cool it was to discover that not only did the NM 7" singles contain non-album music, but they also did fun things like throw in two or three pieces, some of them only a minute or so long?! 'Chik Musik' is only a touch over 2 mins long but what an instrumental delight. Overt homage to Chic of course, Tony must have delighted at the polished productions of Messrs Edwards and Rodgers. Most overt is *that* guitar riff, so good Tony used it (at least?) twice - it turns up at the start of Naked Eyes' 'Promises Promises'. This track is deceptively clever.

And then we get the small but ever so beautifully formed 'Magazine Musik'.

Basically it's the magnificent instrumental backing to the chorus of the main track. They've stripped it down slightly - if you listen closely to the chorus there's a jangling guitar which they've removed from the short instrumental. Again though, what an infectious, lush, superbly produced minute's worth of heaven. It could go on for much longer.

(Graham G)