Well, what else can we call it?

Now this is an oddity. The whole 26-second long piece is clearly from another time and place. I've never felt this 'track' belongs on Anywhere. In hindsight it's an obvious nod to what would come a few months later with Warp, where the full version of this instrumental synth clip resides in all its glory.

And as we all know the sound on Warp is entirely different to that of either of the first two NM albums. Hence this piece is much more synthetic and... 'unusual', and shares few of the classic NM traits that would have been familiar to listeners upon its release.

This incredibly brief version has a great clarity and simplicity to it that only electronic music could deliver. It's very appealing, and whets the appetite for what will come shortly...


(Richard M)

Uncredited on the 7" single or the CD, we find a "hidden" New Musik track sandwiched between 'From The Village' and 'Guitars. On the CD it's treated as an add-on to 'From the Village'. But it is of course a completely separate piece, a wonderful snippet that the boys probably couldn't find a place for hence decided to throw it in for fun. And huge fun it is too, it's amazing how much impact 26 seconds can have. A wonderful tune, very infectious, perfectly crafted.

Of course it appeared a year later on the 'Warp' album as a full blown track, 'Kingdoms for Horses', but doubtless we'll get to that in several months time.

I keep meaning to make this piece into a ringtone, I think it would work very well!!

(Graham G)

Kingdoms for Horses was the first song I heard when I got home and played the vinyl of Warp on my old record player. I was so excited with buying a New Musik album that I accidently played the album on side two first. I have to say I loved it. I remember listening to the song and it reminded me of This World of Water a bit.

Tony's vocals were great as ever, the synths, drums and slap bass were breath taking and marvelous.

This was one of the best songs from New Musik IMHO. Warp was a great album too.

(Arthur C)