Albums: From A to B, Anywhere

Phil Towner was born in 1955. Phil's fast, metronomic drumming is as much a trademark of the "New Musik sound" as any other aspect. Like Tony Hibbert he was an ever-present through all the early sessions, leaving shortly before 'Warp' for reasons unknown.

Like Tony M, Phil Towner was and is notoriously reclusive so information about him is scarce. He did, famously, play drums on the Buggles hit 'Video Killed the Radio Star' before joining New Musik. Drummers often sit in the background seldom seen, and Phil was no exception in that respect. Fans have, however, noted over the years how Phil's appearance often changes quite notably in photo's of the period with some remarking on "the many faces of Phil Towner". The 2nd New Musik tour (1981) was cut short with some reports putting it down to Phil Towner's exhaustion, perhaps not surprising considering the incredibly fast and sustained rhythmics the New Musik sound often demanded.

Jackie Towner is credited on the sleeve of 'From A to B'. What relation she is to Phil, if any, is unconfirmed though informed sources suggest it was either his sister or (more likely) his mum.

Like Clive Gates, Phil Towner's name occasionally appeared on various releases in the post New Musik years, but his more recent whereabouts and activities are unknown.