clive1Keyboards, Vocals
Albums: From A to B, Anywhere, Warp

Clive Gates was born in Westminster, London in 1956. Along with Tony Mansfield, he is the only other member of the band to appear on all 3 New Musik albums.

Clive first met Tony M in 1972 and worked with him briefly before parting. They re-acquainted in 1979 when he joined New Musik to complete the classic "Mansfield / Gates / Hibbert / Towner" lineup though sessions, and indeed tracks, that pre-date his joining were to be included on the first album.

Clive is a classically trained pianist and played synthesisers and piano in the band. In the early days he used a mellotron and Korg 700s mono synth, however they were replaced by the Prophet 5 synth. Clive's "image" in the band was one of "boffin / professor", probably because he often wore distinctive glasses.

After New Musik, Clive did continue to be involved in music, surfacing occasionally on the credits listing of various releases. He was interviewed by Jonas Warstad in 1997.

In more recent years Clive worked in events management, information technology, and most recently as the director of an ethical cleaning company.