otherThough not officially credited as "band members", others have contributed to the New Musik sound along the way...

Nick Straker (Nick Bailey) - was involved in many early New Musik sessions pre Clive Gates, and plays keyboards on several tracks that appear on 'From A to B'. Went his own way when he had a hit with 'A Walk in the Park'.

Simon Croft - long standing friend of Clive Gates and Tony M, and was a member of Reeman Zeegus. Regular attendee of the recording sessions, contributed the vocals in 'Green and Red Respectively' and backing vocals on 'The Village'.

Pete Hammond - the engineer at TMC studios where the New Musik albums were recorded. Pete was engineer on all 3 albums and worked closely with Tony Mansfield during the recording sessions, with Tony drawing on much of Pete's skill and expertise to create the New Musik sound.

Jane Kennaway - credited as providing backing vocals on the track 'Sanctuary'. Some interesting info here with comments such as "Similar Stalinist style problems afflicted New Musik, the underrated electro-pop group formed by producer Tony Mansfield, who asked Jane to provide backing vocals on Sanctuary, a minor British hit in June 1980". Also The Sneaks co-founder is Tom Hibbert - coincidence? The question of whether any New Musik band members featured on any of Jane's subsequent tracks remains unanswered.

Alan Rear and Lee Jacobs - credited on the rear sleeve of 'From A to B', this duo were the band Search Party who Tony produced and most notably created the very New-Musik-like 'Urban Foxes' single. Their contribution is unclear, though most likely vocals, and informed sources suggest they were both present at the sessions for all 3 albums.

Lee Mansfield - Tony's younger brother who featured occasionally, most notably on the closing dialogue of 'On Islands' and the quickly withdrawn Planet Ha Ha release. The general concensus is that Lee would have been a big part of any subsequent New Musik projects.

Roland CR78 - not a person, but a drum machine. If one piece of equipment can be said to be associated with New Musik at the time, this is it. Extensively used on 'Anywhere', listen to tracks such as 'Areas' or 'Traps' to hear how significant this instrument was to Tony Mansfield and the "New Musik sound".

12-String Guitar - this one's for Richard M who, of course, is right to say that if any instrument characterises the "New Musik sound" it's the 12-string played so beautifully by Tony Mansfield. Just play guitars!