New Musik's output is regularly punctuated by reversed sounds. Tony Mansfield used many reversing techniqies to instill that "weirdness" which was a key aspect of his vision.

Many times the sections, when listened to in their un-reversed form, have a character and distinction all of their own. So, here's a selection. yojnE...

(The ISP does not allow mp3 files so they are zipped).

New Musik - kisuM weN - 01 - Dead Fish (Don't Swim Home) Intro (Reversed).zip

Possibly the highlight of the lot here. A beautiful pastiche of the Dead Fish theme, which was reversed and used as the ear-catching intro.

New Musik - kisuM weN - 02 - Tell Me Something New (Reversed).zip

The enigmatic section segued onto the end of 'Missing Persons'. Here in its original unreversed form the ambient synths reveal a totally different slant.

New Musik - kisuM weN - 03 - They All Run After the Carving Knife Intro (Reversed).zip

Something slightly different. The intro to Carving sounds reversed, but it isn't. But in reverse, note how close it sounds to the original.

New Musik - kisuM weN - 04 - Luxury End Section (Reversed).zip

The "This Is You Life Of Luxury" lyric is reversed at the track closes, here's how the lyric sounds the right way round.

 New Musik - kisuM weN - 05 - Division End Section (Reversed).zip

A reversed slab of the Division theme is sequed onto the original, make your mind up if it's any different.

New Musik - kisuM weN - 06 - All You Need is Love Intro (Reversed).zip

Very similar idea to Dead Fish here, possibly the most interesting part of this track?

New Musik - kisuM weN - 07 - All You Need is Love Later Section (Reversed).zip

"Everybody" and "Altogether Now" reversed over the the end of the track, here it is so you can check it out.