The mythical "4th album" has long been a topic of conversation with New Musik fans.

Quite soon after New Musik folded in early 1982, a new Tony Mansfield project appeared called Planet Ha Ha. For this project Tony teamed up with his brother Lee Mansfield, and Rob Fisher who was a founder member of two successful 80's groups (Naked Eyes and Climie Fisher). There are reports that Planet Ha Ha were originally planned to be "New Musik II" and a full album's worth of material was recorded, including (bizarrely) the theme music to a BBC children's quiz show featuring Richard Stilgoe called 'Finders Keepers'.

In November 1982 the one and only release from Planet Ha Ha appeared. The single, titled 'Home', was released on EMI. Overtones of the Steven Spielberg movie E.T. abounded and it was soon withdrawn for contractual reasons. To-date, no other Planet Ha Ha releases have appeared. The general concensus is that the moment was lost and all material was absorbed into the archives. Rob Fisher sadly passed away in August 1999 following surgery for bowel cancer.

Rumours of a 4th New Musik album have surfaced subsequently over the years, for example fuelled by comments made by Tony Mansfield himself in January 2000. The project has often been referred to as "e-Musik". The line-up of e-Musik is the subject of much debate. Tony's brother Lee is often mentioned as taking a leading role, and there has even been comment that Tony's daughter would sing on some tracks.

New Musik fans globally remain hopeful that a 4th New Musik album will appear at some point. The closest we have come is the Advance Music promo.